About TFW

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Meet the Founder:

Martin Rooney

Martin Rooney is the founder of Training For Warriors. An internationally recognized trainer, speaker, author and pioneer of strength and conditioning, Martin holds a Master of Health Science and Bachelor of Physical Therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science from Furman University. Martin was a four-time All Conference, and four-time MVP performer in Track and Field at Furman and a member of the United States Bobsled team. Following his exposure to MMA in the mid 1990s, Martin began training with Renzo Gracie and started training fighters shortly afterward. Since the foundation of the TFW system, Martin has traveled around the world to train, compete, and conduct seminars and help prepare world class athletes for competition. Martin has been the martial arts consultant to the NY Giants and the NY Jets and a coach on the IFL World Team Champion New York Pitbulls. Martin is currently a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under UFC fighter Ricardo Almeida and a black belt in Kodokan Judo under Olympian Teimoc Johnston-Ono.

“Don’t Cheat Yourself”

Coach Jason

Jason went to Northampton High School where he was known for his athletic ability in football and wrestling. After high school Jason started his own company Kocher’s Water Pumps & Tanks, Inc. Through the years following high school Jason always kept active and had a love of staying fit. He spent time boxing, training in MMA, and also earned his black belt in karate. In 2008 he started following Martin Rooney (founder of TFW) and in 2014 became TFW Level 1 and Level 2 certified and then became a TFW affiliate in the early part of 2017. The results you get from this training system are incredible and the people love the fun, family atmosphere. It’s amazing to see my students become stronger not only physically but mentally as well.

Coach Mel

I married the love of my life 25 years ago and together we have 3 beautiful children. My husband and I run a very successful well drilling co. When my husband became a TFW affiliate back in the early part of 2017, it was then that I too wanted to become a part of the TFW training program. I am happy to say that I am TFW Level 1 and Level 2 certified and now enjoy coaching and supporting our students on the way to their fitness goals!


Martin Explains TFW

TFW History

The TFW system began as a fitness program originally created for some of the best combat athletes in the world more than 15 years ago. Today, the training methods of the TFW system can benefit anyone looking to lose fat, build muscle and feel good. TFW is taught by a global network of affiliated coaches and trainers that run the TFW system at licensed TFW locations. Now with over 250 affiliate locations in 30 countries, thousands of people per day are using the TFW system to bring his or her fitness to another level in order to fight this battle called life.

Whatever your current fitness level, TFW can help you. Even though TFW once increased the performance and self-esteem of the world’s top athletes, anyone can benefit from the TFW system. At TFW we believe you are a warrior too. TFW defines a warrior as anyone prepared to work hard, develop oneself and take on his or her particular challenges in life. The fun and exciting workouts of the TFW system are designed to help you develop the muscular strength and mental fortitude needed to take on those challenges and reach your fitness goals.

Any gym can have equipment and offer workouts. What separates the TFW system from other training programs is its culture. Although TFW encompasses signature warmups, speed training, strength training, endurance training, flexibility work and nutrition all based on a comprehensive evaluation process, the most important component of the system is its motivational approach and family environment. At TFW, we know if you don’t have fun and enjoy the training, you won’t do it. TFW is not designed as a sport or competition, but focuses on you competing against and bettering your body, mind and spirit.

Mission & Message of TFW

Become A Warrior

We strive to better ourselves and everyone around us because that’s just who we are. You will never have to feel discouraged on our team. Try your best, work hard, and become a warrior!